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In today’s online era, the marketing strategy of many businesses has become all too familiar:


Find a way to get potential customer’s attention, then hit them with a quick, 30 second sales pitch on what you are selling and why they need it. Make sure to be quick before they keep “scrolling” or their attention drifts off!


This method of supercharged product pushing will surely convert a small percentage into paying customers. However it lacks in relatability, making it harder for customers to distinguish your business from others in your field, and failing to create any sense of brand loyalty.


At The 02 Collection Media we take a different approach, “Docu-Marketing”. This form of video content is designed not only to promote your product or service, but to tell the story of your business in a way customers can relate and buy into. How did you get started? What inspired you to enter your field? What are some of the intangible qualities that make your business unique? This is where our focus lies.


By Docu-Marketing with The 02 Collection Media, you will not only receive an invaluable piece of marketing material to be used time and time again. You will be giving potential and returning customers an opportunity to connect with your business or organization on a much deeper level. All building customer loyalty, and uniqueness in the marketplace.

Want to learn more about the process, and see how we can Docu-Market  your business?

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